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01-04-2008 What's Up In April for Golf Swing Magic

I meant to finish the March entries with the 2nd part of the New 4 Magic Moves to Winning Golf DVD and related products, particularly with a review of the book (and CDs) "How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis". However, I wasn't able to finish that review on time... but I will finish the 2nd part of the review this week. I promise.

I have been reading the self hypnosis book, and have digested most of it, and I was thinking that perhaps I could put it into practice and give you a conclusion immediately. However, after reading the book it became clear to me that this is not possible.

It is not like you get the book, read it, brainwash yourself to death in one or two weeks, and then you automatically hit the ball like Tiger Woods. If it was like that, this would be the hottest golf product online, and Andy Brown would become an overnight millionaire!

That is not to say that the product won't work, but rather that it will take time for its effect to show in your game. Even without self hypnosis, I read in another golf book that it takes at least 21 days to form a habit... and that is consciously!

Whilst a good hypnotist may (or may not, depending on his/her knowledge of golf and essential golf skills) "wire" you quicker to play better golf, when you do your own hypnosis, it may take you a while longer for you to reprogram yourself to a desired level.

There ain't such a thing as an instant magic bullet in the form of self hypnosis. Your reprogramming must go hand in hand with practice and visualisation. How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self Hypnosis is a good starting guide for your journey into the inner game, and I will discuss in the 2nd part of my review why it is a good idea to get it, how it can help you, and I will tell you alternative and/or complementary resources you can use to reprogram yourself.

So, bear with me this week, and stick around in April. I will be renovating my "top of the swing" pages, and other sections of the site that still need renovating.

This month I also want to discuss the concept of "Golf Fitness", and its role in improving your golf swing. I will be discussing:

  • What does Golf Fitness mean?
  • Why it is important to be fit to play golf
  • What sort of exercises you need to become golf fit, and
  • Good resourse from fitness experts where you'll find more information about golf fitness.

As you can see, I will be a very busy person this month! But I think I'll manage to fit that into my schedule, as well as going to the driving range a couple of times a week. We'll see what happens, won't we?

Oh! And I nearly forgot! One of my readers asked me if I will continue including articles by Percy Boomer, and I told him that I will. I haven't done so because I've been busy refurbishing the site (and I haven't finished yet). But I plan to include an article (divided into 2 parts because of its length) where Percy discusses golf from a "dancer's point of view".

Curious? I hope so! Stick around, and you'll find out more this month!

Have Fun!

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06-04-2008 The New How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis

Part 2 of A Review of The New 4 Magic Moves to Winning Golf DVD And Related Products The New How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis is an additional product that Andy Brown offers in his webiste on top of the New 4 Magic Moves to Winning Golf.... (Read Article)

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14-04-2008 Golf as a Dancer Sees It: Part One

Swing Progression Buy This Poster Here! I NEVER consider I have succeeded with a pupil unless the pupil adds something to my own knowledge. A pupil who teaches me nothing has no originality, since what I am trying to impart... (Read Article)

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14-04-2008 The Top of The Swing, Golf and Dancers, and Other Things

The top of the swing entries have been updated now. But the renovation works are not over yet, and I want to change a few more pages before the end of the first week of May.

May will be a bit of a difficult time for me because I will not be at home, but travelling for family reasons to a place where there is no easy access to the net. What's worse... there is no accessible golf course nearby either. (ARRGGGGHHH!)

I will be working on another site offline, doing some renovations there too, but it's just not the same. So, don't be surprised if you don't find many entries in the last 3 weeks of May.

But feel free to come around the site and check out many of the articles by Percy Boomer... or perhaps you want to polish the 4 magic moves of Joe Dante in my absence. It's entirely up to you, mate. My site is your site. Comprende?

I have received several requests to continue posting articles by Percy Boomer, and I had to do something about it soon. So, today I included part one of "Golf as a Dancer Sees it". As usual, Percy shares his insights of what he learned from his students whilst teaching golf.

The article is very long, so I had to split it into 2 parts. I hope you enjoy it.

I'll post the second part later on this week.

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18-04-2008 Golf As a Dancer Sees It: Part 2

This is the 2nd part of "Golf As a Dancer Sees It." "Yes I can see that. If I tighten my shoulders I immediately lose the feel of torsion at the waist." "Again," I said, "if your shoulders and waist lose their flexible passivity,... (Read Article)

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22-04-2008 Golf Swing Follow Through: Updated

The follow through section has been renovated. Also, last week I finished the renovations on the top of the swing, which is actually the 2nd part of the backswing (after the early wrist break Dante recommends).

If you have not read these sections, check them out.

I've only have 3 more sections to renovate, and I hope I can finish this task before the end of the month.

I want to dedicate some time to writing more golf swing related articles, as well as a couple of reviews before I go away.

Talk to you later...

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