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07-03-2008 The New Look and Feel of Golf Swing Magic!

Hi there!

It's been a while once again since I uploaded my last entry to this blog but, as you can see, I've been rather busy changing the look and feel of this site.

And I have not finished yet.

I still have to reformat the text in the previous entries, and deal with the chapter of Golf Swing Magic (the abriged online version of Joe Dante's original Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf).

Apart from that, I have done some other menial tasks, including removing a whole "below-ground" swimming pool from my mum's house backyard. Tell you what.... That task left my back sore for a couple of weeks, and did not have much strength to type (or even play golf)!

I will be adding more content as time allows it. Meanwhile, enjoy the new look.

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17-03-2008 Oops! Sorry for the Error in Golf Swing Magic's Blog!

As I was writing abou the updates to the site, I realised that the blog template I'm using got corrupted somewhere along the way. By the time I became aware of the problem, it was very late and, really... I just had to go to bed and leave it for today after work.

Not that it would have taken me too much time, but I needed some rest and clarity of mind to tackle down any coding problems

I fixed the most immediate problem that was affecting the look and feel of the blog's homepage. However, there is a problem remaining: For some reason, I cannot upload the archive page for March! I've checked out the code, and - for my life! - I can't see what the problem is. Then again... I'm not a techie! I'm just a lawyer who likes playing golf and writing about it! ;-)

Oh well... I will have to keep working on this issue till I solve it.

I'm also reading a very good book by Chuck Hogan titled "Learning Golf". I'll tell you more about it later on. For now, I think this guy is onto something: He teaches you how to learn to play golf, and the difference between playing golf and practicing golf skills such as the golf swing, putting, pitching, etc.. This book encourages you to rewire your brain so that you can give yourself a chance by learning the game the easy way. So far, I'm liking what I'm reading. I'll keep you posted.

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18-03-2008 The Renovation Challenge Continues... But I'm Finding Ways 'Round It!

The task of changing the look and feel of Golf Swing Magic continues, and there are a few more pages that need to be converted. Be patient. I am working as fast as I can to bring your more golf swing related content... but first I have to finish the renovations. ;-)

This week I finished renovating the golf downswing section. Have a look.

I should have gone in order and dedicated attention to the golf stance section, but sometimes I like varying the pace... and that's what you get: a random approach to renovating this site.

I am currently waiting to get my DVD copy of the New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf. The book itself is excellent, but the DVD has to be much better, as it explains step by step, and with updated language, Joe Dante's magic moves.

I like reading, and get most of my everyday life through reading materials. However, sometimes I prefer watching instructions and following them as I watch. Is that your way of learning? The DVD would then be a great idea to get.

I'll do a full review as soon as I get it and watch it.

Meanwhile, I'm still struggling with a couple of technical issues in respect of the publication of my blog. I finally found a way around it, but that will only be a temporary measure till I find a better (and proper) way.

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19-03-2008 Golf Stance Parts 5 and 6 Have Been Updated

Yes! I've finished renovating golf stance part 5 and part 6 tonight.

I was going to take a break from my site renovations today, but something in the back of my mind kept nagging me to finish the golf stance section, and I had to do it before going to bed.

A long weekend is coming to Western Australia due to the Easter break. I'm waiting for confirmation from my local golf course that a vacancy for a golf clinic for my 15 years old son will be available for Sunday.

He has hit the ball a few times, but has never received any formal instruction, and I think it is time that he gives it a go seriously. He is looking forward to doing it... and so am I!

And guess what.... I received my New 4 Magic Moves to Winning Golf DVD this afternoon, together with the book, the CDs and a book on Self Hypnosis to improve one's inner game

I've already watched the DVD, but I'm not telling you anything yet, as I plan to write a complete review this weekend. All I can say is that watching the "Magic Moves" makes a big difference from just reading them from the book!

Expect a full report this weekend.

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22-03-2008 The New Four Magic Moves To Winning Golf DVD: Review Part 1

A Review of The DVD And Related Products: Part 1 I received The New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf DVD (and the rest of the hard copy products) this week in the mail with lightening speed. It took 6 days to arrive all the way from the USA to Western... (Read Article)

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25-03-2008 The Backswing and Early Wrist Break

Greetings once again!

As promised, this weekend I completed my review of the New Four Magic Moves to Winning Golf DVD (click on the link to read it)

Today, I finished refurbishing the golf backswing section of this site, which incorporates a very important part about the use and importance of the early wrist break in the performance of a good swing.

If you have not read it yet, you should. Try it, and you'll be amazed at the difference this device makes to your swing

I'm also reading the book "How You Can Play Better Golf Using Self-Hypnosis", which is another one of the books you can get when you buy the 4 Magic Moves.

This book addresses the inner game, the mental conditioning required to perform well not only during your swings, but during your whole games. Remember, you don't play "golf swing". You play "golf". The golf swing is only a skill or component of your game.

Whilst reading this book, I am formulating the following theory: Golf performance - particularly the golf swing - depends on 4 factors:

  • A technicque: There are many ways to swing in golf. Joe Dante's is but one of many. Find the one that suits your style and stick to it till you master it.
  • Your Mental Conditioniong (or Inner Game): The ability to picture or visualise your game, developing confidence in your abilities. There are many ways of doing this too. I'll explain how the Self-Hypnosis method works in my next review.
  • Your Fitness (Or your body ability to make the kind of moves and twists required in a golf swing): You have to be fit to play golf (and age is no excuse. There are ways to be fit as a senior player), and
  • Your Golf Equipment: For us mortal amateur players, bad equipment totally distorts our game. And even though professional players could get away with substandard golf equipment, they always try to get the best equipment money can buy.

  • What do you reckon?

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