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04-08-2008 Golfing Again.... Ahhhhhh!

It has been a long time since my last entry. I went away to see my ageing grand parents (95 and 99, respectively). I had not seen them for over 15 years, and it was time for me to go and pay my respects to them, possibly (but hopefully not so) for the last time.

And I returned to Perth over a month ago, and there was a big pile of work waiting for me on my return. So, there was almost no time for golf for me. It's been a bit very busy for me, and I have not been able to sit down and make any entries to this blog-book.

I was also waiting for the end of July to make an entry. The end of the month is nigh, and rather than opening a new month with 1 or 2 entries, I decided to be a bit tidy, and start making my entries in August.

Meanwhile, although time (and energy) have been somehow limited, I have been using whatever spare time I've found for practicing my short game skills (pitching, chipping and putting).

It's been raining heavily in Perth lately, and you only find hardcore golfers playing under such wet conditions. I love golf, but I cannot class myself as a hardcore player. My weekly game will have to wait till weather conditions allow it.

Winter is not good for playing, but it is good for polishing your skills at home (as long as you have enough space to swing your club without destroying that expensive vase your wife bought!). I have been watching my favourite golf instructional videos. It is amazing how much information one gains by watching the same videos over and over again.

So... it's nice to be back. I'll be posting more articles by Percy Boomer soon. The next one is focused on the concept of "Power", and I think you'll find it very interesting and informative.

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05-08-2008 What's the Meaning of Power in Golf?

What's the meaning of Power in Golf? When I use the words "power," "strength," "energy," or even "moving force," some golf players take no notice whatsoever - they do not try to understand or analyze what I mean. Some golfers of course do try to understand,... (Read Article)

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08-08-2008 Power in Golf Part 2: Golfer's Control

This is the second part of my discussion about Power in Golf. The test of a golfer's control is in his ability to play a shot of 70 yards with every iron club in his bag. Think about it: it will give you an idea of what control of power means. Every... (Read Article)

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11-08-2008 Power in Golf: Part 3: It's All in the Hips

Welcome to Power in Golf Part 3. This entry will focus on the role of your hips in delivering powerful swings. We must be fully conscious of how our hips should operate. If the right hip twists inwards as the hips return on the forward swing, we will have... (Read Article)

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15-08-2008 Power in Golf: Part 4:

This is the fourth instalment in the Power in Golf series. There is more power in the golf swing than that which comes from the legs; much of it comes from the flexibility of the body. "Flexibility" is different from "flail" yet it has similar reactions... (Read Article)

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17-08-2008 Blueprint to Break Par: URGENT!

Have you heard of the Blueprint to Break Par?

If you haven't, you may want to check out this site quickly, as time is running out, and the opportunity to get into this program will be gone by Sunday 25th August 2008.

This is the scoop: An Irish dude by the name of John Richardson In the last few months he has been featured in Today’s Golfer and Golf Digest for his amazing feat of shooting under par in 362 days. He went from shooting 103 to 70, when the likes of Sam Torrance said Dream Onto him. John then went on to read a book and titled it "Dream On", and it will be published later on this year.

Well, since March this year, John has been publishing a series of videos and articles in his blog explaining how he did it. And whilst there is a lot of wisdom in his videos, they are not exactly organised as a full instruction course.

However, he has recently paired up with Andy Brown (of the New 4 Magic Moves to Winning Golf), and has developed a full course aimed to Mr and Ms average golfer, taking into account their typical time and responsibilities constraints, and helping them to achieve that amazing feat. His course, Andy and John claim, will definitely change and improve the way you play golf. That's a very bold statement to make, but I invite you to check out the site and reach your own conclusion. You will be blown away by the information John has to offer.

But the thing is that John is only keeping registrations open till 25th August 2008, and by then it may even be too late, as he had only 382 registrations available when he started promoting his course last Friday 14th August.

He was offereing a 90 minutes teleseminar bonus for free to the first 100 registrants. However, I regret to inform that the bonus is already gone. Yup, the first 100 registrats were swift and acted immediately. As we speak, there is less than half spots available for registration.

If you are interested in a comprehensive course that will help you improve your game, you should check out John Richardson's Blueprint to Break Par before all the registration spots are taken.

As usual, Andy has made sure that any decision you make is covered by an iron clad, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Check it out: You've got nothing to lose but your handicap! ;-)

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