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The Golf Swing Follow Through: The Magic Moves

The magic moves for the good golf player, of course, are simply to keep his grip tight, hold the wrist position gained by the backward break, hit through with his hands, and let COAM Jake its course.

The first insures a strong, live connecting link between the arms and the club at impact. The second insures a square club face.

The hard-swinging hands provide the speed.

But COAM? What is COAM anyway?

COAM is the Conservation of Angular Momentum.

In the golf swing it is the mysterious factor that makes the club head catch up to the hands, without any effort on the part of the player. Just read on to digest the full explanation.

The magic golf swing move through the ball: The ideal impact position-weight over on left leg, head and upper body back, right shoulder coming down and through, left arm fully extended, back of left hand and palm of right moving toward the target. This is the result of all the good moves that have preceded.

The same magic moves apply forthe poor or average golf player, but he must first learn to get himself into the position the good player is in as he reaches the hitting area.

He will be in this position if he follow faithfully the instructions in the previous sections: As he starts down, he retains the hand and wrist position, slides his hips laterally to the left, permits no hand lag, and makes no effort to move the club.

If he does these things he will keep unchanged the eternal triangle and he will be letting the body move the club. If he doesn't do these things he will never be in the right hitting position. There are just no two ways about it.

Let's take another look at the hitting position, the one the average player finds so difficult to reach.

golf swing follow through left illustration golf swing follow through right picture

Left Illustration: That puzzling "hitting position." Here the player is coming down behind the ball perfectly. His hands have almost reached the ball, but his club head has a full quarter-circle to travel. How does it ever catch up?

Right Photo: The correct hitting position that has puzzled golfers for so long: The hands are almost opposite the right leg. A few more inches will bring them directly opposite the ball, but the club head has a full quarter-circle still to go.

How does the club head catch up with the hands? The answer is COAM, the Conservation of Angular Momentum. Note the head back, shoulders rocking, right elbow tucked close in.

The player, Joe Dante, is coming down behind the ball with the upper body, but the lower body is moving out to the left ahead of the ball. Hips, moving laterally, are starting to turn as left side gets out of the way, and right heel is rising.

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