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Golfing health: Final Part.


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This is the final part of Percy's discussion on Golfing Health....

A good golfer feels his swing as all one piece. It is produced by a psycho-physical unison and its control is outside the mind of the player.

Any control that is within the mind is subject to the state of the mind and is therefore unreliable.

Here we come back again to my reason for standardizing as many shots as possible so that they can all be played with the same set of "controls." Only so I believe can you learn to play entirely by sense of feel.

Today, if I play a bad shot I do not start asking myself why I played it badly, what I did wrong, etc.— questions which are liable to lead to more bad shots as we all know!

I just take an easy club and try it until I get the right feel again. Then because my shots are felt I know that the right feeling must lead to the right shot—and further, that as all my shots are made fundamentally the same, I know that if I get the right feel with say a No. 5 iron, a very easy club, I shall be making my shots with even the difficult clubs correctly and with confidence.

As I said before, these controls to which feeling a club gives the key, are probably in muscular memory plus tracks worn in the mind. But wherever they reside it is clear that the fewer there are of them the more reliable they are likely to be.

If I play a pitch one way, a drive another, an iron shot in yet another, and a putt quite differently again, it is obvious that no single and consistent line of controls will be set up. Confusion as between one set of controls and another is very likely, and if I go off my game I may go off it very badly!

On the other hand if my system is used, a single sound line of controls is set up — by consistently practicing the same fundamental swing for every shot.

Working on these lines and refusing to be side-tracked by extraneous ideas such as "hitting a long ball" or "driving straight down the middle," you can begin to feel a complete assurance that you can at least rely upon producing your best shots every time. They will become a habit with you.

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