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Golf Bogey Number 1


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I HAVE christened it Golf Bogey No. 1 because it is the most seductive and destructive medium in the game.

It took me most of the years of my golfing life to discover it and even then I could not formulate my ideas about it or counteract it effectively in my teaching until I had come to a proper understanding of the relation between the physical and mental in golf. Now I can present it to you properly.

Golf Bogey No. 1 is the natural urge to act in the obvious way to achieve the desired result.

The seductiveness of the idea is clear; its destructiveness lies in the fact that in golf (as in many other affairs in life) the obvious way is not always the right way.

Frequently the obvious way is the wrong way and unless the urge to follow it can be inhibited the right way cannot be taken.

To use Professor Alexander's excellent phrase, the man who follows the obvious way is an end gainer. He is so keen and intent upon gaining his end (getting his ball onto the green and into the hole) that he concentrates upon that rather than upon the employment of what he knows to be the correct technique or the means whereby the end can best be gained.

He is so intent upon his end that he tries to take short cuts to it — or, to put it more accurately, he no longer remembers that it is necessary to go round by a certain road to get there.

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