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The Golf Stance Part 2

The closed golf stance, with the right foot withdrawn a couple of inches farther from the direction line than the left, makes it easier to get the full backswing, probably with a flattened plane, but tends to restrict the forward swing.

The open golf stance, with the left foot drawn back farther than the right, has the opposite effect, restricting the backswing and forcing it into a more upright position, but facilitating the forward swing.

You will be able to work into the open and closed stances later, using them for certain shots and to influence a particular swing you want. But while you are learning the method given here, content yourself with the square stance.

It presents no problems and requires no adjustments.

Neither foot, we believe, should be exactly perpendicular to the direction line. Both should be pointed outward somewhat, the left more than the right. Here the rest of the player's body should be considered.

Like the open and closed golf stances, the position of the feet has a tendency to influence the back and forward swings.

A right foot that is perpendicular to the line will restrict the backswing.

A person with a big trunk and heavy shoulders is liable to have trouble getting the club back far enough.

Like the open and closed golf stances, the position of the feet has a tendency to influence the back and forward swings.

For him/her, to make things easier, we would definitely point the right foot somewhat to the right.

The pointing of the left foot to the left is a natural action, one of the few in this game.

This position makes swinging through the ball easier, and, so long as the swing is in the right direction, we certainly don't want to do anything that impedes it.

There is a strong tendency in almost anybody, in taking his stance, to get his weight forward, on the balls of his feet. This is natural, because the body is bent forward and the shoulders hunched over.

But don't let the weight get forward. Keep it evenly balanced, so far as you can, between the ball and heel of each foot, slightly favoring the heel.

This little point, small as it is, has a decided effect on the golf swing.

Since it isn't a natural action, you will have to consciously check it as you take your stance, until it becomes an established habit.

Its importance lies in the fact that when the weight is forward we tend to take the club back in a more upright arc, which we don't want.

When the weight is more on the heels, the flatter plane that we do want comes easier.

With the weight forward there is a tendency, too, to get the swing outside the line on the way down, a disastrous action.


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