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Golf Analyzis (of a Swing) Part 3:


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In this final part of the Golf Analyzis section, Percy Boomer briefly analyzes a young boy's swing"

Golf Swing Analyzis

Obviously, this is a very young swing, not faultless, but fundamentally good. Let's analyze it:

  • It's a wide swing. Left arm straight, left wrist fully brokenback.
  • The shoulders are still turned away from the ball while the hips are turned towards it, giving body flail.
  • The left leg has straightened, but the wrists are still broken back.
  • Shoulders now square with the line of flight.
  • Up on the toes, stretching upwards through the body so that the wrists will snap open downwards.
  • Left heel back to the ground.
  • Head still down.
  • Right arm straight . . . elbows still held together.
  • In the sequence, the hands, and consequently the club head, have come down yet along.

A couple of faults to observe in the swing are:

  • In position 2 and 3 the right leg is too stiff.
  • He is looking at the ball with his right eye instead of "peeping at it with his left eye."

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