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13-06-2010 I'm Still Playing Golf... I Just Have Not Been Writing

Time goes quicker after 30.

It's been a fair while since my last entry to this blog, and I apologise to all my subscribers for my long silence.

On the one hand, life got in the way.

On the other hand, I had a technical difficulty. The application I use to update my blog got corrupted, and it took me ages to recover the records so that I could continue blogging.

But I've continued playing my weekly (and sometimes fortnightly) golf, and keep learning.

I still use Dante's moves for my iron and wood swings in the fairway. But I use the Purepoint simple swing with my driver, and I find it more effective for some reason.

Anyway... as all the systems have been restored, I intend to continue including the rest of Boomer's On Learning Golf in the following weeks.

But after that, I intend to include additional content in relation to the golf swing, and the short game.

In that respect, once the rest of On Learning Golf content has been published in this blog, the focus of the blog itself will change back to the main topic of this site: The golf swing at the different stages of the game.

I hope you stick around.

Thank you for sticking around till now. I hope you will stick around for more.


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13-06-2010 Putting: Part 1

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15-06-2010 Putting: Part 2

To teach yourself to putt successfully, you must study the putt in its relation to the technique of every ether shot in the game, not as a thing apart. That is why I say to my pupils at the very start of their golfing days, "I putt as I drive." Of course,... (Read Article)

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