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Welcome to My Testing Page

This is not part of Joe Dante's book. It is only my testing page. You see, I'm not really a webmaster in the true sense of the term. In other words, I'm not a techy or "web head" (as much as I'd like to be!).

This is the page where I conduct my experiments to see how my pages will look before I upload them for you to read. This page has really nothing to do with golf.

You may be wondering how on earth I have managed to create a user friendly site, which ranks well with search engines.

Well, I was fortunate enough to find a web building solution that does away with the stiff learning curve that any webmaster has to endure, and lets me concentrate on what I love best: the themes of my websites, including golf: Site Build It.

Yup... whilst many of my mates struggle learning lots of techie stuff just to attract 25 visitors a day in over a year, I concentrate in adding content on the topics I love best, and don't worry about the techy stuff. My site's daily traffic has already doubled in a couple of months, and, like my other SBI sites, that is only the beginning!

And it's not like I hide my secret from my mates. On the contrary, I share it with them... but they are stubborn enough to keep doing what they're doing. I learned somewhere that insanity is doing something the same way over and over again, and expecting different results.

I reckon my mates are insane!

Anyway. You were not meant to find this page. I haven't even indexed it (because it is a test page!).

But, since you got here anyway, why don't you check the benefits that Site Build It offers. If you have a passion for something, if you have something you love doing, and would not mind creating a web business around that topic, then you should check out Site Build It!

Don't be insane... like my mates... Check out the message in the TV below, and decide for yourself. As my uncle Karl Marx once said... "you don't have anything to lose but your chains."

Ok, that was said in a different context, and he wasn't really my uncle, but the message still applies to you. Click on the TV image to find out more!




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